Account Cleaning agent

Digitize the traceability of premises via our secure tablet solution. The cleaning agent application launches automatically when the tablet starts and access to internal applications is blocked.

Continue to work even in the event of a wifi turn off !

A simple and fun application

Cleaning agent access.

This application designed for the profession of cleaning agents, allows via a simple, fast and ergonomic application, to trace the cleaning and bio-cleaning actions carried out daily to the KokiSanté platform in order to be archived and consolidated.

Much more than a simple organizational tool, the solution automatically displays the periodic tasks (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) to be performed in each room. So you can optimize everyday tasks.

Traceability of premises

From a tablet, officers can track cleaning and bio-cleaning services. In a few clicks, the agents visualize the premises on a daily basis. Asynchronous mode allows you to go to areas where wifi coverage is not optimal and continue to enter traceability until a new WiFi terminal is connected.

It can happen that two agents use the same cleaning cart. Our solution allows 2 agents to connect to the same tablet. they each have their own interface.

On large surfaces, such as technical platforms, it is possible to indicate that the work was carried out in a team.

Training quiz

Koki Software provides establishments with a knowledge assessment assistance tool. This tool pools a database of questions and answers in order to orient the training needs for each service agent.

Daily, the agent must answer a question randomly chosen from the following themes: hygiene, products, good practices, materials, basic principles, safety. Through a fun interface, we offer several types of questions (binary, 1 in 3, 1 in 4, multiple) and a classification between the different agents.

Maintenance & Adverse Events

You can also use the solution to report an incident or a maintenance request and inform the housekeeper and the maintenance manager. All requests are consolidated on the dashboard and automatically sent by email to implement the necessary corrective actions.

Agents have a news feed fed through the Manager account. Inform your agents of the latest news related to your activity or pass on important messages (employee arrivals, inspections, birthdays, …).

Messaging makes it easy and quick to communicate with all teams or the hierarchy. Use global messaging or send a private message to the manager.