Account Manager

management, supervision and control.

Access for managers, accessible in desktop and tablet, with remote management or directly in the field. Follow up, control of premises & staff assessment

All this in real time!

Traçabilité manager

Software designed with field managers.

An intuitive interface for a quick start.

Full access management and supervision.

This application designed for managers / housekeepers is a complete management tool for cleaning and cleaning. It allows to manage, organize and follow the tasks reported by the service agents and to apply the corrective actions if necessary.

With its quality module, managers can quickly control the state of the premises, randomly or targeted, but also evaluate the agents on bio-cleaning areas.

View of the bio-cleaning

Access in a few clicks the whole traceability of the premises of your establishment. View in detail the protocol applied, the name of the person performing the cleaning / bio-cleaning, the time and the tasks that could not be performed.

You can plan the cleaning at certain times of the week, schedule cleaning thoroughly or even close the premises if necessary.

Gestion du personnel Koki Software solution traçabilité du nettoyage

Staff management

Quickly and simply create your cleaning teams. Access their administrative information: phone number, address, etc. Visualize at a glance the level of training, the average of the staff appraisal and all other data related to cleanings and bio-cleanings. These data are consolidated to obtain staff performance indicators.

Controls and staff appraisal

Because trust does not exclude control, with a touch pad, control your premises and evaluate your teams. It is important to regularly check the quality of bio-cleaning actions in your establishment.

The data collected as and when the controls and staff appraisal highlight the areas for improvement and thus provide the necessary corrective actions (equipment, products, training of staff, etc.).

Quality indicators

Koki Software integrates a reporting module that allows visualization and consolidation of data collected by all your teams. These data are represented in the form of tables and dynamic charts with a level of detail and optimal accuracy.

Visualize, analyze in a few clicks and in real time all the cleaning and bio-cleaning data and apply the necessary corrective actions to guarantee an optimum level of quality in line with your health and safety policy.