Cloud Hosting

As a provider of integrated solutions, Koki Software offers its customers access to its IT applications and services from French servers hosted by IBO. Your data is installed on our servers, which eliminates any risk of data loss due to possible theft, fire or the deterioration of your hard drive.

Our solutions are accessible from the internet. This model allows our customers to have their tools from anywhere with a computer and Internet access. Our hosting company takes care of all the technical aspects related to the exploitation of Koki Software solutions.

To guarantee a quality of services, Koki Software uses dedicated servers for the implementation of its solutions.

This offer is perfectly in line with the “cloud computing” virtualisation approach.


Our partner IBO develops a unique and proven managed IT services approach to support us in the technical optimization of our information system.

This outsourcing of hosting services aims to relieve us in part of the daily management of computer servers in order to devote ourselves to our software publisher activity.

IBO’s service offering is divided into four main categories:

  1. outsourcing
  2. Host
  3. IT Security Services
  4. Services dedicated to Health

35 Rue Jules Verne,
63000 Clermont-Ferrand – France

Pour en savoir plus :

Koki Software solutions are available 24/7, our partner providing a high level of availability. Indeed, the stability and continuity of services is ensured at Software and Hardware level 99.997% of the time. Part of the maintenance operations do not require the services to be stopped and are done at appropriate times.

To ensure a high level of security, the host makes a daily backup and incremented over 30 days. It guarantees highly secure premises, reliable internet access and broadband; some of the most advanced operational and physical security features on the market with Firewall, network intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, backup power and redundant infrastructure …