Free yourself from technical constraints.

SaaS *, a Solution with limited constraints. Koki Software takes care of the installation, hosting, updates, maintenance and securing of your data. Focus 100% on your business.

You have a dynamic, secure and accessible platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere.

* Software as a Service

The flexibility of a web application and the security of a cloud professional for your traceability solution.

Serveur Cloud IBO Koki Software logiciel traçabilité du nettoyage

Cloud hosting

As a provider of integrated solutions, Koki Software offers its customers access to its IT applications and services from French servers, hosted by XEFI. Your data is installed on our servers. Eliminate any risk of data loss related to a possible theft, fire or damage to your hard drive.

Our solutions are accessible via the internet network. This model allows our customers to have their tools from any location with a computer and Internet access. Our host takes care of all technical aspects related to the operation of Koki Software solutions.

Regular updates

Our partner XEFI has automated processes to provide regular server updates. You are guaranteed to have a server benefiting from the latest technologies and security updates to meet your needs as closely as possible.

Security and integrity of your data

You don’t have to worry about the IT infrastructure (servers, databases, backups, etc.) necessary for the software to function properly.
Koki Software is installed in a highly secure and ISO 27001 compliant hosting center: data encryption, daily backup, access control system, etc.

Simplicity and availability

A simple internet connection is sufficient to use the software in SaaS mode. Users can access the app 24/7 regardless of the workplace. Stability and continuity of services is guaranteed at the Software and Hardware level 99.997% of the time. Part of the maintenance operations do not require stopping services and are carried out at suitable times.

Respect the environment

Beyond compliance with the regulations in force, the environmental policy of XEFI is part of a daily collective approach, citizen, voluntary and above all realistic. A set of measures intended to protect the environment are thus implemented by XEFI employees.


Our partner XEFI is developing a unique and proven managed IT services approach to support us in the technical optimization of our information system.

The purpose of this outsourcing of hosting services is to relieve us in part of the day-to-day management of computer servers in order to devote ourselves to our software publisher activity.

XEFI’s service offering is broken down into 4 main families: 

  1. Outsourcing
  2. Data hosting
  3. IT security services
  4. Services dedicated to health


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