Simplify the management
& traceability of cleaning..

a tool that adapts to all sectors.

Do you need to improve the quality, management, organization of cleaning services and bio-cleaning? Have an overview and get reliable and accurate performance indicators ?

Koki Software is here to meet your expectations. Our solution meets the needs of institutions through modules dedicated to each process and each user group (ASH, executives, managers, etc.).

But it’s especially a durable solution, on proven technologies, accessible from a computer or a tablet.

Koki Software provides all the necessary features to easily manage and monitor cleaning and bio-cleaning actions.

Koki Software features

Access to all the traceability of the premises. All actions and protocols applied (daily, output, transfer …) are archived in this module. Manage periodicities, thorough cleaning, closures of premises, etc. This is the underpin the solution!

Check local, random or targeted. Register the accompanying person (contradictory). The playful interface makes it possible to quickly and simply carry out the controls of your premises and to obtain a complete assessment.

The Reporting Module gives you the quality and performance indicators. View the figures of your cleaning activities and view in detail, cleaning actions, controls, evaluations and information on premises and staff.

Send directly on the staff tabs, the news that you deem necessary for team cohesion. In addition, Koki Software integrates global messaging and private messaging to communicate with the hierarchy.

The staff can easily and with a few clicks make the requests for maintenance and undesirable events identified in the premises. The requests are automatic sent to the interfaces and by email.

From the interface, the Managers can manage the interventions and assign the appropriate agents according to their skills, availability and location. If necessary, the staff can intervene on premises.

With the creation of the operating room access, Koki Software provides health facilities, a tool to optimize, trace and measure the activity of bio-cleaning. Notify the teams of the cleanings to be done.

In addition to the tools of Manager and ASH, Koki Software provides customers; a home / AS access, which allows a complete visualization of occupied and available beds. users have real-time management and tracking of hosting services activities.