Simplify management
& monitoring of cleaning services.

Koki Software supports you in improving the quality, management and organization of cleaning services. Visualize all of the activity and get reliable and precise performance indicators?

A tool that fits all business sectors.

Traceability of cleaning from start to finish

Koki Software is here to meet your expectations. Our solution meets the needs of establishments via modules dedicated to each process and each user group (ASH, executives, managers, etc.).

But above all, it is a long-lasting solution, using proven technologies, accessible from a computer or tablet.

Koki software provides all the features you need to easily manage and track cleaning and bi-cleaning actions.

Koki Software features

Everything you need to run your business in one tool.

traçabilité koki


With their tablets, the service agents trace and report all the actions carried out in the field.

Access all the traceability of the premises. All the actions and protocols applied, daily tasks, periodicals, incidents are archived in this module. Manage alternate cleaning, basic cleaning, closures of premises, etc. This is the heart of your solution!

Quality plan

Perform room checks, random or scheduled. Note whether someone is accompanying you (contradictory). Its fun use will allow you to quickly and easily carry out checks on your premises and obtain a complete assessment.

Perform good cleaning practices assessments for your agents. Obtain a hygiene barometer for all of your teams. It allows you to put in place the corrective actions necessary to improve services.

controle qualite koki
personnel quiz koki

personnel monitoring

Manage all data related to service agents. Modify or add an account in a few clicks. Access training indicators to know the level of your teams. Be alerted to renewals of good practice checks.

Evaluate the skill level of your teams. We have set up a quiz module, which, on a daily basis and without delaying the teams, allows them to learn and acquire knowledge on the concepts and regular practices of cleaning and bio-cleaning.

The data can then be used to identify corrective actions and train employees if necessary.

Reporting & data export

Reporting module allowing you to obtain quality & performance indicators. Consult the key figures of your cleaning activities and view in detail the services, checks, evaluations and information on premises and agents.

The data export tool allows you to extract much of the data from your database. To ensure that the information is compatible with your system or software, it is exported in CSV format.

Maintenance & interventions

Agents can easily record and report maintenance requests and adverse events spotted on the premises with just a few clicks. Requests are automatically sent to the interfaces and by email.

From the Manager / housekeeper interface manage the interventions and assign the appropriate agents according to their skills, availability and location. If necessary, agents can intervene directly on premises outside of the round.

maintenance Koki Software Solution traçabilité du nettoyage
Gestion des lits Koki Software Solution traçabilité du nettoyage

Bed management

In addition to the Manager and ASH tools, Koki Software provides structures, reception / AS access which gives a complete visualization of conventional and outpatient accommodation. it allows real-time management and monitoring of the activities of hosting services.