How it works ?

Koki Software is the digital solution dedicated to the cleaning and bio-cleaning of premises.

Koki Software makes it possible to trace and track, via connected tablets, all cleaning and bio-cleaning services simply and quickly. The information is collected, organized, consolidated and archived to allow you simple and accurate daily monitoring.

The cleaning carts of your agents are equipped with touch pads that allows a traceability information to a web interface (manager / housekeeper and / or team leader, …).

Etablissements santé Koki Software

Health institution

Secteur medico-social Koki Software logiciel traçabilité du nettoyage

Medical-social establishments


Koki software benefits

With Koki Software optimize the cleaning and bio-cleaning of your establishment

We put at your disposal a tool for harmonization and modernization of cleaning and bio-cleaning practices. In addition to valuing your agents, you reduce the volume of paper and save time processing data. With Koki Software, managers spend more time on visual inspection missions and agent evaluations. This guarantees you a level of security and optimum quality.

The performance tools provided by our solution give you the key indicators to establish a complete diagnosis. They make it possible to anticipate and act on all services while maintaining an optimal cost / performance / quality ratio.

Work optimization

All the bio-cleaning actions recorded on tablets on a 100% secure online server. It’s more convenient, faster and more hygienic.

Fewer papers

All information is recorded, organized and archived. Access to all data is done online from anywhere. Practice at your meetings.

Less error and stress

The teams are seduced by the simplicity of Koki Software, simple and fun. They are convinced that their work is better recognized and valued.

A decision support tool.

You will be delighted with its simplicity !

Intended for the health, hotel and industrial sectors, Koki Software allow the real-time traceability of bio-cleaning. Our solution helps identify and optimize downtime.

Koki Software gives the keys to improve the organization of the teams, to consult the performed services, and to control the premises. Koki Software is also detailed and easily accessible performance indicators for all activities related to cleaning and bio-cleaning.

Koki Software Solution traçabilité du nettoyage

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